Miss Reisdorff’s 2017-2018 Supply List:


  • Pencil Box/Pouch (5″x7″) *labeled with child’s name
  • Ear Buds/Headphones (for iPod/iPad use) *labeled with child’s name
  • Scissors
  • 2 Glue Sticks
  • Markers and/or Colored Pencils
  • 1 Box of Tissues

{ I will supply a folder, pencils, erasers, and crayons}


Wish List:

  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Gallon and/or Sandwich Size Plastic Bags
  • Paper Cups, Plates, Napkins
  • Plastic Silverware
  • Sticky Notes
  • Construction Paper
  • Highlighters
  • White or Brown Paper Bags
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Pipe Cleaners



WOW! We really are near the end! Summer is right around the corner and I cannot believe your child is about to be a 2nd grader! It has been an absolute pleasure to teach your child and I am a better teacher because of it. Here are some reminders/dates as we head into the business of our last week:


  • Today, June 2nd, is our First Grade Picnic! Please join us in the front lawn outside the school at 11:30 until 12. Bring your child a sack lunch and a blanket/towel to sit on! Younger siblings are welcome.
  • Wednesday, June 7th is going to be our “2nd Graders in Training Day.” We will wear badges and act the way 2nd graders act (walk quietly in the hall, are responsible for their materials, show respect, get drinks quickly and quietly, etc.). We will also do some end of the year activities as we reflect on our year as 1st graders.
  • Friday, June 9th is our LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. We will celebrate with Alward Olympics (because of our limited space due to construction, we are asking that there are no parents this year) and it will be an early release day at 12:15.

THANK YOU for a great year and have a marvelous summer! I will hopefully see some of you next year :).

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 5/29/17


There are a lot of things going on as we head into our last 2 weeks of second grade! Please be aware of the important dates, reminders, as well as what is going on in class!


  • Monday, May 29th: NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)
  • Tuesday, May 30th: ALL library books due
  • Wednesday, May 31st: Field Trip to John Ball Zoo
  • Friday, June 1st: 1st Grade Picnic at 11:30 (A yellow note went home about this yesterday)
  • Wednesday, June 7th: 2nd Graders in Training Day (We will spend time reflecting on the fun times we’ve had in 1st grade as well as prepare for 2nd grade by acting the way 2nd graders would act–quiet in the hall, walking in straight lines, transitioning quickly and quietly, etc.)
  • Friday, June 9th: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (Early Release Day at 12:15)

Reading: We are going to enjoy read to self time and read some of our favorite classroom stories!

Writing: We are going to celebrate Mo Willems (our mentor author) and write fiction stories.

Math: We will be playing math games to review concepts we have learned in 1st grade.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 5/22/17


We are 7 school days away from our field trip! Here is a look at what’s ahead next week:


  • Friday, May 26th is Alward Spirit/Popcorn Friday
  • Monday, May 29th there is NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)
  • Tuesday, May 30th ALL library books are due for the end of the school year
  • Wednesday, May 31st is our field trip to John Ball Zoo

Reading: We will review retelling and text-to-self connections with our leveled fiction books.

Writing: We will finish up our small moment stories unit and will have a writers celebration and a “cold write” where the students write one on their own with no help! It is their chance to show everything they know :).

Math: We will be completing a series of math activities and games that will involve critical thinking skills as well as reviewing the concepts we have learned this year.

Spelling: Our words this week are: what, were, when, because.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 5/15/17


Here is a look at what is ahead! We also had an exciting day yesterday as our first caterpillar turned into a butterfly! Needless to say the kids were very amazed, excited, and distracted :). Today we came in and 2 more butterflies were in the net AND we got to watch one come out of it’s chrysalis!

I also want to give a quick shoutout to all of the mothers to our students. Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for your child and enjoy your Mother’s Day!


  • There is a note going home today with information regarding our field trip chaperones. Remember, if your name is not picked from the hat, you may STILL JOIN US. You will need to meet us at the zoo and pay the $10.00 adult fee.
  • Friday, May 19th is the due date for all baggie books. A note came home yesterday explaining that if you cannot find your book, you need to send in $4 to replace it. Thanks!
  • Monday, May 22nd is our last day for library. ALL books will need to be returned by Tuesday, May 30th.
  • Friday, May 26th is Popcorn/Alward Spirit Friday.
  • Monday, May 29th there is NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day).
  • Wednesday, May 31st is our field trip to John Ball Zoo

Reading: We will focus on more complex retell that makes us “think beyond the text.” This will include inferring and making text to self connections.

Writing: We will work on adding feelings, details, and a good ending to our stories.

Math: We will review and take our chapter 8 test. We will also take our math interim which covers the concepts we have learned this year.

Science: We are starting our animal unit and will learn about how animals grow and the differences between babies and adults.

Spelling: Our spelling words are: but, what, all, down.

Have a great (and warm) weekend,

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 5/8/17


I feel like a broken record saying this, but I really cannot believe how quickly this year is flying by! May seemed so far away, yet here we are :). Take a look below at some reminders and what we’re learning next week:


  • Tuesday, May 9th: Book Fair Preview
  • Wednesday, May 10th: Book Fair “Buy Day”
  • Friday, May 12th: Student Early Release Day
  • Friday, May 12th: Zoo Money and Parent Slip DUE
  • Friday, May 26th: Alward Spirit/Popcorn Friday
  • Monday, May 29th: NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)
  • Wednesday, May 31st: Field Trip to John Ball Zoo

Reading: We will focus on retelling and even how to think “beyond the text” to answer questions, analyze, and make connections!

Writing: We will continue looking at Mo Willems as an author and try adding speech bubbles, bold words, and humor into our writing. We will also review the 3 W’s (who, where, what).

Math: We will continue working through Unit 8 and different strategies to help us solve 2-digit addition problems (ex: 43 + 39).

Spelling: We will be taking a spelling test, completing a sentence dictation, and doing an activity with short and long vowels.


WEEK OF 5/1/17

First Grade Families,

May is quickly approaching! Your child will be a second grader before you know it :). This month is going to be a busy one, so please take note of the upcoming events/reminders:

  • Book Fair preview Tuesday, May 9th
  • Book Fair shopping day Wednesday, May 10th
  • Field trip money AND pink slip for volunteering is due by Friday, May 12th
  • Early Release day Friday, May 12th
  • NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day) on Monday, May 29th
  • Field Trip to John Ball Zoo on Wednesday, May 31st

Reading: We are still using our topic bags and figuring out tricky words by how many syllables they have, using the pictures to give us clues, and we are also going to work on fluency (reading like we talk and reading with expression).

Writing: We are still working on small moment stories and using Mo Willems as an author mentor. We will review planning our stories and ways you can start a story with a good beginning.

Math: We will start the week by reviewing unit 7 and taking our test, and then starting unit 8 with 2-digit addition (ex: 58 + 13) and strategies we can use to get our answer.

Science: We are starting our butterfly life cycle unit! We will learn about how butterflies grow and even have some of our own class caterpillars we will watch turn into butterflies!

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Reisdorff


WEEK OF 4/24/17


Here is a look at next week! We are starting one of my FAVORITE units in writing so I am very excited :). Enjoy!


  • Scholastic orders are due (online) Friday, April 28th

Reading: We are still reading with topic bags! We will look at figuring out the big idea, and ways to solve tricky words (use the first letter and what you already know and how to figure it out when there isn’t a picture to help).

Writing: We are starting a new unit called “Authors as Mentors.” We will be looking at the author Mo Willems and all of the cool things he does in his books. We will try adding some of those things into our own small moment writing!

Math: We are finishing up unit 7 where we have been learning about telling time, equal shares, and 2D and 3D shapes.

Spelling: Our spelling words for the week are: had, one, not, find

Science: On Friday we will be having a special “severe weather” rotation between the three 1st grade classes. We will learn about thunderstorms, tornadoes, and blizzards.

WEEK OF 4/17/17


I apologize for not having a blog post for this past week–the chaos leading up to spring break caught up to me and I had a difficult return back due to some delayed flights! I enjoyed hearing all about your child’s vacation or staycation and trust you enjoyed the break just as much. Here is a look at what is ahead (already the middle of April…what?!):


  • Today, Friday, April 14th, is an Early Release Day. School will dismiss at 12:15.
  • Monday, April 24th the PE Apparel Order Forms are due.
  • Friday, April 28th is Alward Spirit/Popcorn Friday!
  • Friday, April 28th Scholastic Book Orders are due.

Reading: We have been reading books that are all the same TOPIC (this means they can be different reading levels and genres). We will look at making connections between fiction and non-fiction books, understanding new information by making connections, and comparing and contrasting our books.

Writing: We are still working on our informational writing and writing about an animal we know a lot about. This week we will be writing one completely on our own!

Math: We are working on telling time to the hour and half hour, exploring properties of shapes (squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles), and fractions/equal parts.

Science: We are continuing our weather station and learning about different types of weather. We will learn more about thermometers, cloud cover, what falls from the sky, and have a weather rotation on Friday!

Have a GREAT weekend! For those of you celebrating Easter, enjoy your time with family and friends.

Miss Reisdorff



WEEK OF 3/27/17


We are in the final stretch to spring break! Here is a look at what to expect next week:


  • Scholastic orders are due Wednesday, March 29th. There are some fun (cheap) spring books to have for your child to read at home!
  • There is NO SCHOOL Friday, March 31st (start of spring break).

Reading: We are working again on retelling our fiction and non-fiction books. This is CRITICAL to a child’s reading and will help with their comprehension. The more they practice retelling a story and working on their comprehension the better they will become at reading (and moving up levels)!

Writing: We will be finishing up our non-fiction animal book. We will work on our pages for food, shelter, and an animal diagram.

Math: We will review for our test on Monday, test on Tuesday, and play fun math games on Wednesday.

Spelling: Our words are: or, by, one, help.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Reisdorff