WEEK OF 2/19/18


As I look at the calendar I’ve realized that conferences will be here before we know it! I look forward to sharing with you everything we have been working on since we have been back from winter break. I have also been assessing reading levels and am amazed at the progress these young readers are making! Here is a look at what’s ahead:

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • Our big reveal for “One School, One Book” will be Wednesday, February 21st! Your child will find out the title of our book that day as well as come home with their own personal copy (and reading schedule).
  • Our next Popcorn Friday will be Friday, February 23rd.
  • We will have our next Early Release Day on Friday, March 9th.

Reading: We will focus on being a careful reader, making sure what we read is making sense, and what we can do to help us be accurate readers.

Writing: We will begin a new unit called “Authors as Mentors.” We will focus on one of our favorite authors and look at what we can learn from them and incorporate into our own writing!

Math: We will keep looking at strategies we can use to help us solve addition and subtraction equations with teen numbers.

Spelling: Our spelling words are: one, had, not, find.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 2//5/17


We have a short and exciting week ahead! Because of this, some of our days and academics might look a little different. It sounds like many of you have fun and relaxing plans for our long weekend, so enjoy your trips or quiet time at home!

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • There is no school Monday and Tuesday (February 5th and 6th) due to mid-winter break.
  • Our 100th day of school is Wednesday, February 7th. Please remember to have your child bring their 100th day collection and special 100th day snack on Wednesday!
  • Our Valentine’s Day party will be Wednesday, February 14th. Remember, if your child would like to send in valentines, please refer to the list that was sent home last week to make sure every child in the class receives one.
  • Scholastic book orders went home yesterday and will be due online at 4p.m. February 14th (class code: NNX2P).
  • Our “One School, One Book” kick off will be Wednesday, February 21st! There will be a big school reveal and your child will be receiving their copy of the book along with a bookmark with the reading schedule.
  • Please continue practicing XtraMath at home. After glancing at the weekly reports there are only 3-4 kids practicing at home. This is a quick, easy, and great tool to use to help your child increase their fact fluency!
  • We will spend time this month learning about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington as well as enjoying some read alouds to help us celebrate Black History Month.

Reading: We will have a special 100th day reading time and learn about text to text connections we can make with our non-fiction books.

Writing: We will complete a 100th day writing activity and learn how to end a closing to our how to pieces.

Math: We will complete a 100th day math activity as well as spend this time learning about President’s Day.

Spelling: We will complete some Valentine’s Day word work activities.

Have a great mid-winter break!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 1/29/18


The end of January already? We had a great month getting back into the swing of things for 2018 and have a lot to look forward to in February with our 100th day of school and Valentine’s Day! Here’s a look at what’s ahead:

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • Scholastic book orders are due TODAY by 4p.m. Remember to submit your order online and use the class code: NNX2P.
  • One School, One Book forms are also due TODAY. We look forward to reading the same book as a school and learning about it together.
  • We have started Reading Counts in 1st grade! Our goal is 5 books (and quizzes) by March 9th in order to help duct tape Mrs. McClure to the wall! Another goal is to read 12 books total by the end of the school year. The quizzes are taken here at school on certain library books your child may check out.
  • We have an Early Release Day on Friday, February 1st.
  • There is NO SCHOOL Monday and Tuesday (February 5th-6th) for our mid-winter break.
  • Our 100th day of school will be on Wednesday, February 7th (more information to come on Monday).
  • Our Valentine’s Day party will be on Wednesday, February 14th (more information to come on this celebration). There is a list of class names coming home with your child today. If you child would like to bring in valentines, they must bring one in for EVERY student in the class (23).

Reading: We will find “wow” words/parts (things that make us say “cool” or “gross”), learn how to ask questions about the text, and identify interesting facts.

Writing: We will come up with a list of things we know how to do, add “first, next, then, last” into our writing, add details, and add a caution statement.

Math: We will finish up unit 4 and review at the beginning of the week and take our test on Thursday.

Spelling: Our words are: by, help, one, or.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully we will have some sunshine!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 1/22/18


Before we know it February will be here along with our 100th day of school! They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I think that definitely applies with this class :). Take a peek below at what is coming up in first grade!

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • Our Scholastic book order is due Friday, January 26th. Remember to place orders online using the class code: NNX2P.
  • One School, One Book order forms are due Friday, January 26th. Remember, you only need one copy of the book per family!
  • Popcorn Friday will be on Friday, January 26th.
  • PE apparel order forms are due Tuesday, January 30th.
  • We have an Early Release Day on Friday, February 2nd and no school February 5th-6th (Monday and Tuesday).

Reading: As we continue through non-fiction, we will focus on our reading strategies (chunky monkey, stretchy the snake, flippy the dolphin, etc.) and how to use those in non-fiction texts.

Writing: We have just started our “how to” unit and will work on writing the steps for how to blow a bubble (we’ll even test this out with our own gum!), how to make a snowman, and how to make a s’more.

Math: As we continue through unit 4, we will work on counting on from a 2-digit number, adding tens and ones, and comparing 2-digit numbers.

Spelling: We will have a spelling test, a sentence dictation, and will focus on color words.

Enjoy your weekend with your first grader!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 1/15/18


It feels great to be back and we were able to pick up right where we left off! We do have a new class goal (getting our snacks from our lockers quietly), a new chapter book for our end of the day read aloud, and started our Voracious Reader awards today. Here are some things to be aware of for our learning next week and our month ahead:

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • As we get back into the swing of things, I wanted to remind you that library is on MONDAY, “Baggie Books” are due TUESDAY AND THURSDAY, and homework is due on THURSDAY. Please have your child continue working on Xtra Math at home!
  • We will take some time Monday afternoon to learn about and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of MLK day.
  • Our Tarry Hall Skating Party will take place on Tuesday, January 16th at 6:30p.m.
  • We will have Popcorn Friday on Friday, January 26th.

Reading: As we continue through our non-fiction unit, we will learn about the big idea of a text (headings), sharing those big ideas with a partner, identifying tricky words, and reading our texts with a news reporter voice.

Writing: We will finish up our persuasive writing unit with a “cold write” and by the end of the week we will start our new unit on “how to” writing (ex: how to tie your shoes).

Math: As we continue through unit 4 we will focus on

Spelling: Our Spelling words for the week are: from, I, have, jump

Enjoy your weekend! For those basketball fans, GO GREEN :)!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 1/8/17


It is the first blog post of January/the new year! We will pick up right where we left off in January so take a look at what’s ahead:

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • Keep up with XtraMath and reading while we are on break! These are great and easy ways to stay on track during the two weeks and keep your child in somewhat of a routine.
  • Baggie books did not get switched out this week–with the hustle and bustle of winter break I did not want any books getting lost or left behind. We will resume this the Tuesday we get back!
  • We will be starting something new on Fridays called “Voracious Reader.” Each Friday I will be picking a reader who showed the traits of a voracious reader during Reader’s Workshop to receive an award that will be hung up in the classroom!
  • We have an Early Release Day on Friday, January 12th.
  • Popcorn Friday will be on Friday, January 26th.

Reading: We will start a new unit where our focus will be non-fiction texts! We will begin by learning what non-fiction is and then take a look at all of the different text features non-fiction books have to help us learn (ex: glossary, table of contents, diagram, labels, etc.)!

Writing: We will continue our persuasive/opinion letter writing. We will review adding the words “and” and “because” into our letters, adding good reasons why, and adding a good closing.

Math: We will continue unit 4 where we are learning about teen and 2-digit numbers. We will look at how these numbers are made up of a group of tens and extra ones.

Spelling: Our words are: be, this, from, make.

Have a WONDERFUL winter break,

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 12/18/17


Our last week of December and 2017 together! What a year it has been so far :). There are some important dates/reminders below, and I have set up the rest of the blog by day since we will be having some special themed days! We are also having a spirit week next week so check out those festive days!

Important Dates/Reminders: 

  • Winter break will be from December 25-January 5th. Enjoy your time with family and snow!
  • Our holiday party will be Friday, December 22nd from 12-1. Remember, if you would like to join us please make sure you have your background check completed.
  • I will let you know as soon as our Scholastic Orders are in so those of you who want to keep your orders a secret can arrange a time to pick them up.
  • A reminder to make sure you are sending warm winter gear with your child! We have been enjoying snowy recesses, but they are much more fun when we are warm and prepared!

Spirit Week Days:

  • Monday: “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (warm hats, beanies, scarves)
  • Tuesday: Candy Cane Lane (wear red and white)
  • Wednesday: Long Winter’s Nap (wear cozy PJs)
  • Thursday: Grinchmas (dress up as the Grinch or a Who from Whoville)
  • Friday: Ugly Sweater Wednesday (wear an ugly sweater)

Monday: We will be reading fun winter stories, writing with winter writing prompts, and representing teen numbers as tens and ones.

Tuesday: We will be reading fun winter stories, writing with winter writing prompts, and learning how to write 2 digit numbers (ex: 80 is eighty and 14 is fourteen).

Wednesday: We will have our Polar Express day. We will listen to the story, design a class train, and watch The Polar Express with our other 1st grade friends.

Thursday: We will have our Grinchmas mystery readers, do a Grinch song writing activity, make a Grinch craft, and do some Grinch number activities!

Friday: We will have our gift exchange, illustrate a winter poem, and have our holiday party!

Enjoy the snowy weather!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 12/11/17

First Grade Families,

I want to give a quick shoutout to all of our parents–our class won in our hallway for attendance wars! Thank you for making your child’s education a priority and making sure that they are here at school. I love when we have our whole class here and get to see everyone’s smiling face :). Because of our awesome attendance we will get a popcorn and movie party!

That being said, I want to give a quick reminder now that we are in the season of cold weather and germs. If your child has a fever, please do not send them to school. Please wait until they have not had a fever for 24 hours before sending them back. This is to ensure that they are feeling well enough to be at school and helps keep the rest of our school healthy! There is definitely a bug going around and I want all of our kiddos to stay healthy during this busy and festive time!

We are cruising through December! We have just about 2 weeks left until we leave for break. It’s a busy month ahead, so don’t forget to mark your calendars for all of our upcoming events!

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • Our day for Santa’s Secret Shop is Tuesday, December 12th. Please send in money with your child if you wish to have them participate!
  • Popcorn Friday is Friday, December 15th.
  • First graders will be having a special Polar Express day on Wednesday, December 20th.
  • Our school will have our “Grinchmas” celebration on Thursday, December 21st. We will have some special guest readers come in, reflect on our good deeds of the month, and students are encouraged to dress up with staff as Whoville characters!
  • Our holiday party will be on Friday, December 22nd. More information to come, but this will take place in the afternoon.
  • There is no school December 25th-January 5th due to our winter break! Enjoy!
  • If your child has not yet decorated their ornament and brought it in, please do so! We are still missing a few and would love to have our tree decorated from the whole class!
  • A pink note went home this week about our 1st grade gift exchange. Your child may bring in their gift starting Monday. Remember, if your child is a boy please have them address it to a boy and include their own name (ex: To: Boy From: Andy). Do the same thing for girls! Please do not exceed the $5 limit. Some good places to look are: Target Dollar Section, 5 Below, and Walmart!

Reading: We will be focusing on retelling using our characters, a shape go map, and our reading partners.

Writing: We will work on organizing our writing before we write a letter, using words like “and” and “because,” writing to our audience, and making sure we have a good ending sentence.

Math: We will work on adding numbers to get a teen number total (ex: 8+6=14), teen number addition strategies, and adding doubles (ex: 8+8=16).

Spelling: We have no new words this week but will be having a spelling test and sentence dictation test!

Stay warm this weekend!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 12/4/17


We have a busy week with our Holiday Program on Tuesday. I cannot wait to see everyone dressed up and hear their beautiful voices! Take a peek at what’s ahead:

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • The Alward Holiday Program is Tuesday, December 5th. Please have your child to Fellowship Hall by 6:15 (doors open at 5:45) as the program will start promptly at 6:30.
  • Scholastic orders are due by 4p.m. on Wednesday, December 6th. Remember, if you would like your order to be a holiday surprise, please let me know so I can set it aside for you!
  • Santa’s Secret Shop will begin the week of December 11th (more information to come).
  • We will have Popcorn Friday on Friday, December 15th.
  • We will have a special “Grinchmas” day on Thursday, December 21st. Students are encouraged to dress up with staff as Whoville characters and will get to enjoy some special guest readers!
  • Our holiday party will be in the afternoon on Friday, December 22nd (more information to come).

Reading: We will work on inferring. We will make conclusions about how they feel, look for clues in the text, and see how a character’s feelings changed throughout the story and if they learned a lesson.

Writing: We will continue working on opinion writing. We will look at how to write our opinion in a letter format and how we can organize our ideas.

Math: We will begin chapter 4 where we will learn about teen numbers and how to group 10s.

Spelling: Our words are: with, they, at.

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Reisdorff


WEEK OF 11/27/17


And I thought November came fast! Wow! Already time for December. Thank you to everyone who donated to our can drive–we will be able to provide many families with food this holiday season because of your generous donation. Here is a look at our week back after Thanksgiving:

Important Dates/Reminders

  • Scholastic orders are due Wednesday, December 6th by 4:00 p.m. Please let me know if your order is a surprise so I do not send it home with your child! All orders need to be placed online using the class code: NNX2P.
  • We have an Early Release Day on Friday, December 1st.
  • Our Holiday Music Program is on Tuesday, December 5th (more information will come home regarding details).
  • Our last day of school for the month is Friday, December 22nd (due to our break).

Reading: We are still working on learning about the characters in our story. This week we will focus on Little Critter. We will learn how to pay attention to the pictures to learn how a character is feeling, retell to learn more about a character, think about their actions and if we agree/disagree with them, and identify a character’s feelings and if they changed during the story.

Writing: We will be starting a new unit on opinion writing and how to write a letter to someone. We will begin by writing an opinion letter about a pet we want.

Math: We will be finishing up this unit and taking our test on Thursday. It will cover all of the subtraction and story problem strategies we have learned!

Spelling: Our words are: as, with, him, come.

Have a great long weekend,

Miss Reisdorff