WEEK OF 12/11/17

First Grade Families,

I want to give a quick shoutout to all of our parents–our class won in our hallway for attendance wars! Thank you for making your child’s education a priority and making sure that they are here at school. I love when we have our whole class here and get to see everyone’s smiling face :). Because of our awesome attendance we will get a popcorn and movie party!

That being said, I want to give a quick reminder now that we are in the season of cold weather and germs. If your child has a fever, please do not send them to school. Please wait until they have not had a fever for 24 hours before sending them back. This is to ensure that they are feeling well enough to be at school and helps keep the rest of our school healthy! There is definitely a bug going around and I want all of our kiddos to stay healthy during this busy and festive time!

We are cruising through December! We have just about 2 weeks left until we leave for break. It’s a busy month ahead, so don’t forget to mark your calendars for all of our upcoming events!

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • Our day for Santa’s Secret Shop is Tuesday, December 12th. Please send in money with your child if you wish to have them participate!
  • Popcorn Friday is Friday, December 15th.
  • First graders will be having a special Polar Express day on Wednesday, December 20th.
  • Our school will have our “Grinchmas” celebration on Thursday, December 21st. We will have some special guest readers come in, reflect on our good deeds of the month, and students are encouraged to dress up with staff as Whoville characters!
  • Our holiday party will be on Friday, December 22nd. More information to come, but this will take place in the afternoon.
  • There is no school December 25th-January 5th due to our winter break! Enjoy!
  • If your child has not yet decorated their ornament and brought it in, please do so! We are still missing a few and would love to have our tree decorated from the whole class!
  • A pink note went home this week about our 1st grade gift exchange. Your child may bring in their gift starting Monday. Remember, if your child is a boy please have them address it to a boy and include their own name (ex: To: Boy From: Andy). Do the same thing for girls! Please do not exceed the $5 limit. Some good places to look are: Target Dollar Section, 5 Below, and Walmart!

Reading: We will be focusing on retelling using our characters, a shape go map, and our reading partners.

Writing: We will work on organizing our writing before we write a letter, using words like “and” and “because,” writing to our audience, and making sure we have a good ending sentence.

Math: We will work on adding numbers to get a teen number total (ex: 8+6=14), teen number addition strategies, and adding doubles (ex: 8+8=16).

Spelling: We have no new words this week but will be having a spelling test and sentence dictation test!

Stay warm this weekend!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 12/4/17


We have a busy week with our Holiday Program on Tuesday. I cannot wait to see everyone dressed up and hear their beautiful voices! Take a peek at what’s ahead:

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • The Alward Holiday Program is Tuesday, December 5th. Please have your child to Fellowship Hall by 6:15 (doors open at 5:45) as the program will start promptly at 6:30.
  • Scholastic orders are due by 4p.m. on Wednesday, December 6th. Remember, if you would like your order to be a holiday surprise, please let me know so I can set it aside for you!
  • Santa’s Secret Shop will begin the week of December 11th (more information to come).
  • We will have Popcorn Friday on Friday, December 15th.
  • We will have a special “Grinchmas” day on Thursday, December 21st. Students are encouraged to dress up with staff as Whoville characters and will get to enjoy some special guest readers!
  • Our holiday party will be in the afternoon on Friday, December 22nd (more information to come).

Reading: We will work on inferring. We will make conclusions about how they feel, look for clues in the text, and see how a character’s feelings changed throughout the story and if they learned a lesson.

Writing: We will continue working on opinion writing. We will look at how to write our opinion in a letter format and how we can organize our ideas.

Math: We will begin chapter 4 where we will learn about teen numbers and how to group 10s.

Spelling: Our words are: with, they, at.

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Reisdorff


WEEK OF 11/27/17


And I thought November came fast! Wow! Already time for December. Thank you to everyone who donated to our can drive–we will be able to provide many families with food this holiday season because of your generous donation. Here is a look at our week back after Thanksgiving:

Important Dates/Reminders

  • Scholastic orders are due Wednesday, December 6th by 4:00 p.m. Please let me know if your order is a surprise so I do not send it home with your child! All orders need to be placed online using the class code: NNX2P.
  • We have an Early Release Day on Friday, December 1st.
  • Our Holiday Music Program is on Tuesday, December 5th (more information will come home regarding details).
  • Our last day of school for the month is Friday, December 22nd (due to our break).

Reading: We are still working on learning about the characters in our story. This week we will focus on Little Critter. We will learn how to pay attention to the pictures to learn how a character is feeling, retell to learn more about a character, think about their actions and if we agree/disagree with them, and identify a character’s feelings and if they changed during the story.

Writing: We will be starting a new unit on opinion writing and how to write a letter to someone. We will begin by writing an opinion letter about a pet we want.

Math: We will be finishing up this unit and taking our test on Thursday. It will cover all of the subtraction and story problem strategies we have learned!

Spelling: Our words are: as, with, him, come.

Have a great long weekend,

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 11/13/17

First Grade Families,

It was an absolute joy to meet with you and talk with you about your child’s progress and accomplishments! Most of our communication is done over email so it is always nice to take time to sit down face to face. I know you all have busy schedules with work, activities, and family, so I appreciate you interrupting your normal day to come in and meet with me! This week we also got to add 59 books from the book fair to our classroom library from the money we raised during change wars. Thank you again for bringing in loose change! Here is a look at our week:

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • If you have not yet made your turkey feather with your family, please do so! Our turkey could still use a few more and it is so fun for us to see what each family came up with :). If you need another feather please let me know.
  • Our canned food drive is off to a great start! If you are able, please bring in any canned foods to help families at the Holton Community Center. There are a few items that will count as 2 items (ex: spaghetti sauce, canned chicken, beef stew, canned fruits, boxed cereal). The class that ends up donating the most will get a PE Cares t-shirt and get to go bowling with Ms. Stokes! The last day to bring in items is Friday, November 17th.
  • The Alward apparel orders are due Friday, November 17th.
  • Popcorn Friday will be Friday, November 17th.
  • There is no school on Wednesday, November 22nd-Friday, November 24th because of Thanksgiving. Enjoy this special time with family and friends!

Reading: We are starting a new unit where we will be learning about characters. We will talk about what the character does, how they change throughout a story, character traits, and how retelling helps us get to know characters better.

Writing: We are finishing up our small moments unit! We will spend two days on adding a good ending then we will fix and fancy our writing and have a writer’s celebration on Thursday.

Math: We are going to focus on subtraction story problems and look at how we can relate addition and subtraction.

Spelling: We will have a spelling test and sentence dictation to practice the words we have learned.

Have a great weekend! GO GREEN :)!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 11/6/17


Well, we made it to November! We are well into our school year and I cannot wait to share your child’s progress with you at conferences! I look forward to see you on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Take look below to see what’s ahead:

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • THANK YOU to everyone who donated to change wars! We were able to raise so much money and hope to hear the results later today!
  • Conferences are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each conference is only 15 minutes, so please arrive at the correct date and time to make sure we get the most out of our short time together.
  • Our book fair is also this week! We will be previewing books on Tuesday and our day to buy books will be Thursday. *Because of the book fair there will be NO library on Monday*
  • We will be having a Wild West Wednesday on Wednesday, November 8th. Wear your best cowboy or cowgirl attire!
  • There will be no school on the 22nd-24th of November (Wednesday-Friday) due to Thanksgiving Break.

Reading: We will review our retelling methods (5 finger retell, shape go map, and read, stop, retell).

Writing: We will review how to add a good beginning to our stories and how to add details (5 senses and descriptive words).

Math: We will continue working on strategies to figure out the unknown partner (ex: 5+_=8).

Spelling: Our words are: are, on, three, was.

Stay warm this weekend!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 10/30/17

First Grade Families,

I cannot believe how quickly the beginning of the year is going…we are practically to November and conferences already! I am so excited to touch base with each of you and share with you all of the great things your child is doing and has accomplished so far in first grade. We have been staying busy! Take a peek below to stay in the loop this next week:

Important Reminders/Dates: 

  • Change wars are almost done! Thank you for donating your loose change–your child still has until Tuesday, November 1st to bring in more change!
  • Our Halloween Party will be from 12-1 on Tuesday, October 31st. We have a few parents working hard to plan a fun party for us; however, all are encouraged to join us for the fun! *Please make sure you have your background check completed if you want to attend.* DO NOT send your child to school in their costume–they will have time to change after lunch so send their costume in the backpack or another bag. A Halloween Parade will follow from 2-2:30 (weather permitting).
  • Please send in your child’s conference confirmation slip if you have not already done so. I am still missing a few, and this helps me know that you will be attending your child’s conference at the correct time and date!
  • In addition to change wars I have set up a “Donor’s Choose” page to help raise money for more classroom books. We are in need of more levels books in our classroom. If you would like to donate, please know that any and all donations help (do not feel pressure especially since so many of you have graciously donated to our Walk-a-Thon and change wars). All of the money will all be put towards books for your child to read at school to help them reach grade level benchmarks. https://www.donorschoose.org/Reisdorff
  • Our next Early Release Day is Friday, November 3rd.

Reading: We will be looking at words in our books that have digraphs (ch, th, sh), blends (bl, br, gr), and word endings (s, ed, ing).

Writing: We will work on crossing out unfocused writing, writing multiple sentences on a page, and review adding details.

Math: We will begin unit 3 which focuses on finding the unknown partner (ex: 3 + _ = 7).

Spelling: No new words next week 🙂

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Reisdorff


WEEK OF 10/23/17


Here is a look at the upcoming week. We are getting closer to the end of October!

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • Change Wars officially begin Monday! Bring in any loose change you have that will go to books for kids who do not have access to them. The class that brings the most change in will get to KEEP their change to buy books for their classroom. This would be awesome for us :).
  • The Turkey Trot is Tuesday, October 24th. See you there!
  • Conference forms are coming home today. Please return yours by Monday, October 30th to confirm your time and day.
  • Mark your calendars–conferences are November 6th, 8th, and 9th which is the same week as our book fair!
  • Our Halloween party will be Tuesday, October 31st from 12-1. An additional note will be coming home closer to the day. The school Halloween parade will be from 2-2:30.
  • Keep working on Xtra Math at home with your child! This will help them with accuracy and fluency.

Reading: We will keep reviewing strategies like Sensey the Skunk and Flippy the Dolphin. We will also review “Bossy E” and how to count the syllables in a word.

Writing: We will make sure our stories make sense, review 5 star sentences, and learn how to use carets in our writing.

Math: We will finish up unit 2, review all of our strategies, and take our test on Thursday.

Spelling: Our spelling words are: he, for, was, play.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 10/16


We had SO much fun this week with our Walk-a-Thon celebrations! From walking with our friends to turning Mr. Matt and Mrs. McClure into ice cream sundaes…it was an unforgettable day! Thank you to everyone who helped their child raise money for our school. We were able to raise over $14,000 to put towards new technology in our classrooms! AND our class raised so much money we even won a cider and donut party! Here is a look at next week:

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • Conference request forms are due Tuesday, October 17th
  • The Hudsonville Turkey Trot is on Tuesday, October 24th
  • Popcorn Friday is on Friday, October 27th
  • Our Halloween party will be on Tuesday, October 31st. More information regarding party and parade details will be coming soon!
  • Keep working on Xtra Math at home! Sounds like a lot of kiddos are having fun with this program and working hard on their math skills.

Reading: We will be reviewing the following reading strategies: Chunky Monkey, Stretchy the Snake, and Skippy the Frog.

Writing: We will be doing a “cold write” Monday and Tuesday to see what we have learned during our small moment story unit! We will also look at what makes a story “readable” vs. “unreadable.”

Math: We will be working through more subtraction strategies to help us become quick and accurate when solving equations.

Spelling: We will have our spelling test over the words we have learned and a sentence diction where students need to write down the sounds that they hear.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 10/9/17


We are cruising through the start of October! This upcoming week will be a busy one for us with some exciting events! We look forward to the start of our Super Switch interventions, our Walk-a-Thon, and our Early Release day. Take a peek at what’s ahead:

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • Due to our book fair coming up in November, there will be NO Scholastic book orders coming home this month or November. We will have lots of great books to choose from in our library so save those book funds for our school book fair :).
  • Our Walk-a-Thon is on Thursday, October 12th! Keep raising money that will help our school purchase some new technology for our classrooms. Also, the more we raise, the more we get to see Mrs. McClure and Mr. Matt do crazy things!
  • We have an Early Release Day on Friday, October 13th. Dismissal will be at 12:15.
  • The Hudsonville Turkey Trot will be on Tuesday, October 24th.
  • Halloween Party info. is TBD and will be coming soon.

Reading: We are going to work on retelling our stories using key words (first, next, then, last), using our reading “tools” (ex: chunky monkey), and review words with digraphs (ex: th, sh, ch).

Writing: We are going to finish up our first unit of small moment stories. We will learn how to add good endings and how to “edit” our writing before it becomes published! We will also get to celebrate our stories with our classmates.

Math: We will begin to learn strategies to help us with subtraction.

Spelling: Our words are: it, that, two, you.

For those of you enjoying the big game Saturday…GO GREEN :)!

Miss Reisdorff

WEEK OF 10/2/17


Welcome to October (almost)! This will be an exciting month for us with the Walk-a-Thon, our Halloween party, and our baggie books under way! We had a fun week wrapping up September by getting our lockers AND having Spirit Week! I LOVED all of the green and white on Wednesday ;). Here’s what we’re up to:


  • A reminder that homework is due on Thursdays and baggie books can be switched out on Tuesdays and Thursdays (please send the book in the bag).
  • We will be having “Plaiderday” on Friday, October 6th. Have your child wear anything plaid!
  • Keep raising money four our Walk-a-Thon! Mrs. McClure sent a message out with all of the fun incentives if we reach our goals! Our Walk-a-Thon will be on Thursday, October 12th.
  • I have changed our deadline with Scholastic Book Orders. I will now be giving you 2 weeks to submit your orders online! Our October orders will be due by 4p.m. on Monday, October 16th.
  • Our Halloween party will be on Tuesday, October 31st. Time and details are TBD and coming soon! Stay tuned!

Reading: We will review what the author’s message is and learn how to preview our books, make predictions, and retell the story using the illustrations.

Writing: We will learn how to add details by using descriptive words (and our 5 senses) and how to add a good beginning to our story.

Math: We will continue learning about addition strategies–specifically the “counting on” strategy.

Spelling: Our words are: in, is, look, you.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Reisdorff